Wednesday, July 7. 2010

iPod, iPhone, & iPad ABA Apps GIVEAWAY

The most recent issue of Meeting Point includes a list of a variety of applications for use with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Have you tried one of these apps? What have you used that you like? What have you tried that didn’t work? We will be randomly selecting two contributors to this blog to win a $25 gift card to the iTunes store. Thanks for sharing!

*Note that winners will be announced after July 16, by the name they use in this blog. They will be contacted privately via email to receive the gift card.


Hi, i have Ipad and the Proloquo2go as part of communication system and teaching step by step for students in Design and Technology = Manual wood workshop activities in mainstream setting for ASD and other impairments that need visual and speech. Its great and i trying new live pictures of tools and safety procedures to include in work place training for my seniors. So i realy enjoying both technology tools as special ed teacher. My students now have a more powerful voice and communication / choice in the community. (love also enjoy the Ipad and more in tune with peers.

i just recently subscribed to meeting point and i am already loving the advice! i am not a parent or professional--i am a older sibling of an amazing girl who has autism and proud of it! sifting through these articles helps me narrow down my career interests and what it takes to work with those with developmental disabilities. thanks for the giveaway!

My favorite app right now is actually one that I use for reinforcement with the little boys I work with. It's the Lightsaber application and allows them to use my iPhone as a Lightsaber. It plays Star Wars music and makes the Lightsaber sound as they swoosh the phone through the air. Yeah, I know, takes a LOT of trust for me to share my precious iPhone with a 4-year-old, but a little hand-over-hand support is all I need to keep the phone safely in their grip.

I've just started researching and downloading iPad apps for autism. I will demonstrate these to teachers who have children with asperger's and austism. I am also working with a colleague at another education institution in Japan with these apps. I found an app in Japanese!

Hi, I am so glad to be able to get in contact to you, I live in Romania and I am an ABA tutor,but in my country we have very few information, I am working with a seven year old girl and in the 3 years I have been working with her she has recovered a lot. Me and some other people are now working to built an ABA Center in MY town Craiova.
As I mentioned we do not get access to a lot of information and if you could help us by telling us where we can get books and materials it will be great for us. Thank you so much.

Hi. I recently purchased an Ipod touch for my 17 year old, low verbal son. I'm looking for an app like Proloquo2go, but want something that uses text prompts rather than pictures. Does anyone know if I can program text fikles into the PL@G app? He's a pretty good reader, and we moved from icons to text prompts many years ago.

Hi - my students enjoy: ABC Maze, Alphabet Tracing, 123 Toddler Counting, Doodle Buddy, DottyShapes, FW Deluxe, ShapeBuilder, Uncolor, Whimsy, abc pocketphonic, and Sesame St apps.

Less than 24 hours ago, I purchased the 'Behavior Tracker Pro' for the iPhone. Let me say that there seems to be a learning curve here, so it's most likely unrealistic to assume that you can download it one minute and put it to work in the next. The information can be customized, but this is going to require set up prior to arriving at the within setting observation, itself. With your child in mind, you'll want to streamline your ABCs that apply, rather than try to fit the student into default descriptions. More to come - the jury is still out.

I was able to purchase an IPad and 2 Ipod touches for our res hab department! I have kids that like the applications like ESPN Spelling Bee, Jukebox for music, has awesome apps (like them all!). I also have BTP and find it usefull for tracking target behavior for one of the kids. I hope to learn more about other applications that are helpful. I am saving up for Proloquo2go!

I am a father of a precious 5-years old girl and she is absolutely in love with HER iPod touch and MY iPad. Right now she is only using for games, painting, etc. I recommend 123 Color HD, Doodle Buddy, MemoryCue HD, RedFish, Wood Puzzle, Jigsaw Jnr, I Hear Ewe and SoundTouch.

Regarding specific applications, I've tested Picaa, developed in Spain by also available in English. It integrates puzzles, PECS, sentence building, social stories and association exercices. A very interesting application.

I have also started a blog ( where I am putting all the information I can (but it is basically in Spanish, ricght now).

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